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Shrine of the River Dragon
Welcome to my shrine. I am the dragon god Akira, master of the seas and the storms. Anyone who wishes to speak with me need only ask. All are welcome here, youkai or human.

But remember this. Show me disrespect, or come to cause me grief, and I will show you the prowess of a dragon.

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nocameranocares sent:

The historian appeared today, and I am afraid I made a bit of a bad first impression. It is not advisable to startle a dragon just after a conflict - you would think someone of her caliber would remember that. Still, she does have a spine, it would appear, and that is something I can respect.

The job of a scribe is often a thankless one, but a certain curiosity tugs at my mind. Access to Voile is all well and good, but I would prefer to remain out of the debt of the vampiress that rules that mansion if possible. Hieda offers me information and a new source whence to receive it - if she responds well enough to an offer of friendship, at least. Perhaps I ought to pay her a visit some day.

And underneath, in a far more fresher ink-

Note to self: bring tea. 

asknueidentified sent:

✍:For what my muse has written about yours in their diary.

Today the storm came in like a hammer upon a blacksmith’s anvil, and it brought with it a guest the likes of which I’ve not seen before. A Nue, quite possibly the last one of her race within this sealed paradise. Who knows - she might even be the progenitor, considering Gensoukyou’s uncanny ability to draw in figures of power. 

It might be worth keeping myself in her good graces… if not for her assistance, then most certainly for the lack of interference in my own plans. The Nue are known to be mischievious. 

Call my muse by their full name and see how they react.

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✍: For what my muse has written about yours in their diary.
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✘: Scars aren't very pretty- my muse has to show you theirs.
✦: My muse was attacked but yours saved them- how'll my muse ever thank them?




"…So Yakumo’s vaunted youthfulness comes from make-up powers? Intriguing."

Akira no.

image “You wish~ Nope! I was just born with ‘em~ I’m just mimicking a character from a TV show in the Outside World. You know: magical high school girl, talking cat, all that.


You could almost call me a Sailor Senshi too~” Yukari, quit it.

"…I have yet to meet any magical high school girls save for the Moriya shrine maiden. Or, if I had…. they were not very magical."